7L Spanish square can

7L Spanish square can

icon-check-square Product name: 7L Spanish square can

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Capacity: 7 liters (short – Spanish)

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Closure size: 42 mm telescopic – 42 mm ring lid

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Closure: Metal lid

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Size and dimensions: Standard

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Handle: Plastic

7L Spanish square can details

TehranGhoti’s 7L Spanish can comes in short and tall models. This can has a capacity of 7 liters or 7000 cubic centimeters. This product can be equipped with a 42 mm telescopic or ring cap. The handle and the cap are plastic. This product is available in standard dimensions.

TehranGhoti 7L can may be used for all purposes including engine oils, thinners, etc.
This product can be produced with plastic as well as metal handles.

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7L Exports square can