300 cc Octane metal can

300 cc Octane metal can

icon-check-square Product name: 300 cc Octane metal can

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Capacity: 150 – 200 – 250 – 300 cc

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Closure size: 32 and 62 mm

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Closure: Lockable with a spout and easy-open lid

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Handle: Without a handle

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Size and dimensions: Standard

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Location: Tehran

Octane can details

Octane can is one of the most unique TehranGhoti products and comes in 150 – 200 – 250 – 300 cc capacities. This product uses a 32 mm or 62 mm cap. According to your order, the octane can also be equipped with a spout and easy-open lid.

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