1L Edible oil can

1L Edible oil can

icon-check-square Product name: 1L Edible oil can

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Capacity: 1 liter

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Closure size: 32 mm

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Closure: Telescopic

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Handle: Without a handle

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Size and dimensions: Standard

icon-check-squareظرفیتیی Location: Tehran

1L edible oil can details

1L oil can is one of the newest additions to our product lineup. This product has a capacity of 1 liter and is used for edible oils. This can does not have a handle, but it is equipped with a 32 mm telescopic cap.

TehranGhoti’s 1L can may be used for all kinds of edible oils. This can comes with a 32 mm telescopic cap and is available under Rasin Ghoti brand name.





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